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Procedian solutions are state-of-the-art, leveraging the latest technologies and platforms available. Our expertise and tools are derived from years of automating human intensive processes. Most vendors have only recently jumped on the BPM bandwagon, whereas Procedian's business process architects automated human workflow long before the term BPM was invented. Our solutions are not text-book, they are based on actual experience.

Procedian Human Process Automation
Our human process automation services run natively within Oracle BPEL Server, IBM Websphere and Microsoft BizTalk, extending these integration-centric platforms with true human workflow capabilities. Rather than locking you in to yet another proprietary vendor, Procedian leverages your existing investment in leading industry platforms. 
Procedian Professional Services
Besides using our specific expertise and technology to automate human-intensive processes, Procedian Professional Services is also more than capable to take on your regular integration and software development needs. Our architects and developers have years of industry experience in Microsoft.NET, J2EE and all major relational databases.

Besides architecture and development, we have also considerable expertise in enterprise database and application server environments, including support for 24x7, backup, recovery failover and five-nines reliability.

Contact us today to learn how Procedian technology can dramatically lower your cost and increase your operational efficiency.

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