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Procedian delivers solutions that automate any human-2-human intensive workflow. Leveraging our human process automation expertise in combination with our offshore development resources results in state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions.

Business Process Management and Integration
Every executive knows that business process management and integration can help a company become more efficient, streamline operations, and boost its bottom line. To meet this need, the established infrastructure providers - Oracle, Microsoft and IBM - all offer process management and integration products. Their products are based on the BPEL standard, which is an XML-based workflow definition language that allows businesses to describe inter or intra enterprise business processes that are connected via Web services.

Human Workflow
BPEL is an integration-centric standard. BPEL based products are thus primarily focussed on integrating web services and legacy applications. The BPEL standard does not address human involvement in business processes and while BPEL products, such as Oracle BPEL Server and Micrsoft BizTalk, do have human workflow extensions, these are limited in functionality and cover only a small set of scenarios.

Forrester observed the following:

Since processes span a wide range of requirements, it's no surprise that BPMS products provide varying degrees of support for human interactions, system and application integration, document processing, and complex decision-making. Although products increasingly overlap, until human and integration-centric products converge, enterprises may need more than one BPMS to address all types of business processes - Forrester, Jan 2006

It is clear that for integration the established platforms from the major infrastructure providers are preferred. However, for the involvement of people in business processes, only the pure-play vendors offer real human workflow capabilities. At the same time, most companies would rather retain a single platform.

The Procedian Advantage
Procedian has the answer to this dilemma with solutions that bring together the best of both worlds: pure-play, human-oriented business process management and execution capabilities that run on top of standards-based infrastructure from the established vendors.

Professional Services
Procedian provides a full range of professional services that extends from custom software development to complete turnkey solutions. Services include business process analysis and design, requirements gathering, business process automation, application and database design, systems integration and general software development.  Our solutions are available on Oracle BPEL Server, Microsoft BizTalk, and IBM Websphere. New! Now also on Microsoft Workflow Foundation. Read more

We recognize that enterprise-level business process automation will always be a mixture of human-2-human workflow and system-2-system integration. Besides 8 years of experience in human workflow automation, our seasoned team also has extensive experience in platforms, applications and databases from vendors such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. This ensures that we can truly deliver end-to-end process automation.

Offshore Engineering Services
Besides on-site consultancy, Procedian also offers offshore engineering services through its India-based company Procedian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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