Procedian offers world-class software development services to other product companies.

Among software outsourcing vendors, the project-based model with short-term engagements is prevalent. Procedian is different.

We only enter into long-term partnerships with selective companies, providing a seamless and permanent extension to their development team. Learn more

Developing software solutions for the financial services industry requires significant domain expertise that regular software outsourcing firms do not usually offer. Find out how Procedian is different.
Procedian's extensive human workflow automation expertise combined with Microsoft's cutting-edge Workflow Foundation (WF) technology. A winning combination.

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Procedian Professional Services delivers solutions that automate any human-2-human intensive workflow.

Using our human process automation expertise in combination with offshore development resources results in cost-effective solutions.

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 Domain Expertise   

Our domain expertise in selected areas, such as financial services and IT Governernance, makes us the partner of choice when it comes to delivering solutions that truly meet business needs in a time effective manner.

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Procedian human process management solutions work on a variety of industry standard platforms, such as Microsoft BizTalk, Oracle BPEL Server and IBM Websphere.

Our professional services team has extensive experience in solution development on all industry platforms and databases.

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